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Special Bred Hfrs and Cow Sale - Friday, Dec. 14, 2018 at 5:00 P.M.

* Already Consigned *

Micheal Galbraith of Tara: 15-20 CharX Cows with Fall born Calves at side.

Jerry Downey of Chatsworth: 14 Bred Hfrs consisting of 11 Herf / Limo X Hfrs, 4 Bwf Hfrs Bred Vancise. Hereford (exposed July 2nd until Oct 26th). Vaccinated Bovi Gold ... Pictures Here

Mike Klages of Desboro: 38 Gelbvieh Hfrs which consist of 19 Blk Gelbvieh Hfrs, Bred Blk Gelbvieh (bull exposed June.23rd). Vaccinated Bovi 5. 19 Red Gelbvieh Hfrs, Bred Red Gelbvieh (bull exposed June.23rd). Vaccinated Bovi 5 ... Pictures Here

Paul Weber Wroxeter: 28 Tan Hfrs & 18 Red AngusXSim Hfrs Chars bred. Char Exposed June 1st until July 17th. Red Hfrs Bred Char Exposed April 20th until July 17th. Vaccinated Bovi 5. Majority of Western origin. Nice quiet set of electric fence trained Hfrs. ... Pictures Here

Tyler Hayes of Lions Head: 32 Blk Hfrs, 7 Red Hfrs, Bred Blk Angus (Blk Angus Bull Exposed June.30th) Vaccinated Express 10 ... Pictures Here

Dave McCauley of Tehkumah: 20 CharX Cows Bred Char (exposed June 15th).

Scott MacDonald of Tara: 6 Black Cow Calf pairs. Vaccinated Bovi 5 FP5 L5.

Rod Plante of Maxwell: 15 CharX Cows Bred Char (4th calvers).

Brent Gault of Tara: 10-12 Red and Black Limo X Cows. Bred Red Limo (Bull exposed June.30th).

Pat McGraugh of Tehkumah: 30 CharX & Red Cows Bred to Vancise Red Angus Bull. Bull running with Cows year round. Majority will calve March - May.

Ron Saunders of Arthur: 22 Red Limo Cows Bred Red Limo (Exposed May 25th until Sale Time). Age from 2nd calvers to Mature Cows. 1 x 5 year old Bill Scriven Bull ... Pictures Here

Braedon Weppler of Keady: 5 Blk LimX Cows Bred Blk Limo for March / April Calving.

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