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Special Bred Hfrs and Cow Sale - Friday, Dec. 7, 2018 at 5:00 P.M.

* Already Consigned *

Jerry Hellyer of Lions Head: Complete Herd Dispersal of 29 Char Cows. Consisting of 20 White Cows and 8 Tan. Aging from 6 second Calvers but majority are 4th-7th Calvers. Bred Red Angus (exposed sinced June 9th). Vaccinated yearly with Bovi 5 LP5. Jerry has been a long standing member of the Bruce Penninsula Char Calf Club. Nice set of quiet Charolais Cows ... Pictures Here

Sylvanus Zook of Chesley: 6 Blk Angus Cows with Fall Calves at side. Exposed to Blk Sim Bull. Vaccinated with Bovi 5 LP5. Steer Calves have been elastic at birth.

Mike Walsh of Killaloe, Ontario: 50 Char X Sim Hfrs. Bred to easy Calving Char Bulls. Vaccinated with Bovi 5 LP5 (exposed June 10th). Hfrs are either Mike's own raising or brought in local cattle. These are of reputable quality and quiet Hfrs ... Pictures Here

Sam Martin of Wingham: 45 Hfrs (40 CharX & 5 Red). Bred Red Angus. Vaccinated with Bovi 5 ... Pictures Here

Carl Spencer of Tara: 25 Char 2nd Calving Char Cows Bred Char. Vaccinated Bovi 5. 25 Char Cows Bred Char. ... Pictures Here

Heidi Doyle of Pembroke: 15 quiet Charolais Heifers, from Registered Charolais Foundation Stock. All preg checked with due dates available (April 15 - May 13, 2019). Exposed: July 6 - Sept. 6, 2018. The Heifers will be Calving as 2 yr olds. They were born themselves April 15 - May 2017. Vaccinated March 25, 2018: Tasvax 8 (Blackleg, Tetanus) and Triangle 10 (BVD). Bred to an easy Calving Charolais Bull imported from the Silver Shadow Charolais Ranch, Vermillion, Alberta. This Ranch specializes in the production of Easy Calving and Good Gain Purebred Bulls and Female Charolais stock, with good Maternal qualities. The Bull also has a very quiet disposition ... Pictures Here

Robert Urbshott of Wiartion: 15 Blk Hfrs Vaccinated Bovi 5. Bred Blk Angus (exposed July 1st). 15 Blk Cows Vaccinated Bovi 5. Some with Calves at side, Some Winter Calvers ... Pictures Here

Wayne Forsyth of Clarksburg: 9 White Char Cows. Bovi 5. Bred Saunders Char Bull (exposed June 1st).

Jacob Schrock of Desboro: 5 Limo Cows (4 Blk, 1 Red) Vaccinated Bovi 5. Bred Top Meadow Limo. Exposed May13-Aug 15.

Bob Thomas of Wiarton: 12 Hfrs (5 Hereford , 7 Blk) & 8 Angus Cows. Bred Blk Angus (exposed June 30).

Barry Grummet of Dundalk: 8 White Char Hfrs. Bred Red Polled Limo (exposed July 8th). 8 CharX Cows Bred Bred Char (exposed July 2nd).

Robert Scrivin of Ayton: 10 Limo Hfrs ( 5 Blk & 5 Red) ... Pictures Here

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