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Special Bred Hfrs and Cow Sale - Saturday, November 3rd

* Selling Right After Central Club Sale that starts at 9AM *

* Already Consigned *

Brian McKinnon of Paisley: 10 Red Angus X 2nd Hfr Bred Snoblen Char or Byron McComb Char (Exposed June 15th). Vaccinatd with Bovi 5 and Scourguard.

Emery Stutzman of Desboro: 12 CharX Hfrs, all Ontario Orgin Vacc Bovi 5 lp5 +B, Bred Red Limo (exposed June 10th till sale time). 9 CharX Cows (which consist of 5 - 2nd Calvers and 4 - 3rd Calvers). Bred Red Limo (no vaccination) ... Pictures Here

Howard Tedford of Tara: 20 CharX Hfrs (which consist of half Westeren and half own raising). Bred Red Angus or Charolais Bull Exposed July 1st. Vaccinated Bovi 5 ... Pictures Here

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Picture Gallery for Howard Tedford (click to view enlarged)

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